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April 13, 2006



I've been "hanging out" on the comments thread at Washington Monthly (Kevin Drum's Political Animal - Calpundit) for some time now.
Realizing that it does not sound credible on first blush, I suggest that the dysfunctional government programs were part of a deliberate pattern of sabotage covering every government department if the flurry of conflicting - often obscene to hysterical -posts there can be trusted to illuminate the situation. Or check with Ezra.
Regardless, you may need to "get out" more.
I feel safe in saying that was the basis of Stephan's comment about "feature, not a bug".

Steve Beller, PhD

>> I wish I could say, "This is a cultural problem; let's try and fix it." But the truth is that this is a symptom of democracies

Actually, I think the state of current day democracies is a symptom of the negative side of human nature.

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