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April 21, 2006



Really puts my 15-minute walk to work into perspective...

Then again, I do have to deal with more crackheads in my neighborhood than I can say I prefer to.


I noticed the article doesn't indicate how long he has been doing that commute. I can't imagine he'll be doing it for very long despite how great a job it might be.

I have been commuting 78 miles one way to work for the last, WOW, 17 years next month. (How come I didn't hear about that contest?) Fortunately, I never had to do it more than 4 days a week.

But even then, it takes its toll. Just look what it's done to me.

Recently I have managed to negotiate it down to 3 days a week, with liberal other days off, or I should say not going into work. I call it telecommuting from the golf course.

And now with price of gas, when I do go into work, I'm taking to parking 25 miles away, and riding my bike the rest of the way, one or two of those days. And obviously, since I get in late, I have to leave early. :)

As you might guess, I do have a pretty good job, but still it takes its toll, and I plan on retiring very soon.

johnny chalmers

Hi Adrienne,
Wow! 78 miles and 25 of them on a bike?
I'm a journalist and I'd be very interested in hearing your commuting story.

Can you either email me at johnnychalmers@hotmail com or even phone me on +1 646 465 0014 (live in New York tho I'm an Aussie!!


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