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April 13, 2006



I suggest that these consequences are not unintended at all.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature."

I cant believe you guys. You think its too much to pay $50 for free healthcare for every 6 months?

Cmon. Anybody who cant afford $50 qualifies for Medicaid anyways.

What this tells me is that access to healthcare is not as much of a problem as your blog makes it out to be. After all, if it was realy impossible to get healthcare without insurance, then SURELY these folks would absolutely JUMP at the opportunity to cover their kids at $100 per year.

At some level, individuals have to be responsible. Anybody who refuses to pay $100 per year for kids healthcare is simply ignorant and stupid. Government can only open the door, parents actually have to walk through it.

These parents obviously dont consider healthcare a priority, which is sad. But its assinine to have a zero cost healthcare system just so you can cajole more people into signing up. There MUST be at least a modicum of individual responsibility here.

Yes, you could get rid of those fees and give everybody permanent membership for life and make it so easy that they dont even nneed to fill out any paperwork or submit forms. We'll just take everybody who wants it with no verification or anything. YOu do realize though that the costs of such a system would be 100 times MORE than the current system where a minimum amount of individual responsiblity is required, and god forbid, $100 per year for otherwise totally free healthcare.

If parents are not signing up for this program who are eligible or are withdrawing, then it means only a couple of things:

1) These parents are ignorant/stupid

2) These parents really dont care about healthcare for their kids

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Whoh there, Mr. Second Comment. Before you go blaming the families, why don't you examine the facts?

Read up by clicking my name and get back to me.

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