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April 14, 2006



I took a friend into hospital who suffered from an immune system sensitized to chemical pollutants ( not a diagnosis admitted to by the establishment - deaths of workers in petrochemical industries are too inconvenient for open acknowledgement ).
Anyway, the room had been "sanitized". That usually means an aerosol or mist has been used, rather than a liquid stream which doesn't add as much chemical to the air. It's never that smart to use toxins in enclosed spaces regardless.
He immediately went into distress, signing to me that he was choking and couldn't breathe ( his throat was swelling shut).
He referred to himself as " a canary in the mine".
I also see accounts which suggest a correlation between asthma and cleaning chemicals.
I posted a mild rant Jan 20 under "asthma" at http://opit.wordpress.com

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