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February 14, 2006



It's been elemental since the first high-deductible insurance plan was marketed: HDHP's are good for the very well and the very sick. That means that very well and very sick people are bad for the insurer. Now, think about how many boomers are going to be neither very well nor very sick when they hit 65, and how many Medicare eligibles are neither. Insurers want lots of people like this! In the case of Part D, everyone profits except the patient.


We do NOT need to think deeply about the mickey mouse intricacies of insurance varieties. We need to tax ourselves, according to wealth, and provide everyone with health care. The whole conceptual framework is wrong.


I found a prescription discount card to use while in the Medicare doughnut hole. It’s at www.rxdrugcard.com. It’s only $4.50 a month. I can cancel when Medicare starts up again for me. They show drug prices on the website. Check it out!

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