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January 26, 2006



Isn't the Indian Health Service also an example of in-the-US totally government-run healthcare?


Maybe the public should be able to buy in.


The public should definitely be able to buy into the VA, but in California they do have the option of buying into the Kaiser system, which is a not for profit, private sector analog of the VA system. A major reason why VA style care will never spread across the country is that the VA is, essentially, an HMO and HMOs are considered non grata by most purchasers of health care these days. That Kaiser is a staff model HMO is irrelevant to most purchasers. There are significant differences between staff and network model HMOs. Arguably, staff model HMOs achieve the vision of an HMO while network model HMOs do not because they use a network of contracted physicians rather than employing the physicians.

Trapier K. Michael

Ok Kate,

Can you explain why the VA Sect. said in 2003 that the "the agency was struggling to provide adequate health care" to its patients? [1]



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