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December 19, 2005




$130bn sounds like a lot of money, and Cutler certainly makes it sound like enough money, but there are a lot of assumptions that are required to convert $130bn/year into a universal health insurance scheme. Consider, for example, that Medicaid consumes some $300bn a year, is growing 7% a year, and still leaves us with 45 million people without insurance on any particular day. A true solution, using the existing delivery system for health care, is likely to cost at least $800 billion a year, based on quick calcs from the MEPS database. I wish solutions in health policy were as easy as Cutler and the NYTimes makes it appear.


Just a pointer - you may want to do a global rebeuild on your site, several comments pages are missing.

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I'm a little web challenged and can't figure out how to rebuild the entire site. I'm working on it! Thanks for the tip.

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