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December 20, 2005


Hellmut Lotz

Hi Kate,

I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!
Happy Holidays!

Yours, Hellmut


Thanks Hellmut! Glad to see you're still coming around ;)

Hellmut Lotz


I was wondering if you knew anything about the labor disputes over health care in New York. Apparently, one issue of the MTA strike are the employee health inusrance contributions. I would love to see some intelligent analysis of this issue.

Cheers, Hellmut


I liked your post.. I have an abdominal resection last year and was in hospital for almost 2 months. My surgeon would flounce in god like at 6 am without fail. The first few times by the time I woke up and stopped muttering in a confused fashion he has already been gone so I turned the table and got up 15 minutes early, got dressed and looked refreshed and reading the paper. He looked confused after that. I suspect coming early has more to do with trying to keep his patients off kilter, so he can glide in and out without actually having to talk to us than wanting to get an early start.

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