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December 28, 2005



It may be no small concession, but as someone who pays 1400 a year on premiums and makes less than the base pay that article mention, I'm pretty unsympathetic. (Granted, NYC has higher living costs, but I'm also no bus driver! I'm a SE with college loans to pay!)

Well, at least the fact that their premiums will now be itemized on their paycheck will show them how much healthcare really costs. Thats a step toward single-payer. Welcome to the world the rest of us live in.



I agree -- I'm honestly not sympathetic to them paying part of the premium -- most of the rest of us do, and I think people generally should when their salary permits them. $55,000 definitely does. I'm all for reasonable co-pays and premiums and the like, just not HDHPs.


Damn, I'm amazed that the typical premium is ^50/per year. In Massachusetts someone over 50 in the individual market is likely to pay $800 per month.

Even a young spring chicken pays more than $200/mo. Part of this is that the cost of care is fairly high in Massachusetts--although doctors are not making out like bandits. Reimbursements are down.

Community underwriting means that the sick people aren't being dumped out of the pool.

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