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December 22, 2005



I'd like to see a deduction (or preferrably a fully refundable tax credit) for individually purchased health insurance. Then I would make all employer provided healthcare subject to income and FICA taxes. This requires community rating and means that the FEHB needs to be opened up to everyone. Absent that deal I'm against it, but I do think that employer-provided healthcare is a bad deal for a lot of reasons.


Abby -- I agree that employer-provided health care is a bad deal and FEHB is a fabulous program. I guess it depends how deep you want your changes to run.

Ideally, we'd get reform that standardizes treatment, compares the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, utilizes HIT (especially EMRs), and cuts down on administrative costs, along with insuring everyone. I haven't decided exactly what that looks like yet, but if we're doing smaller-scale fixes, your suggestions are a great way to go.



I'd be happy with single-payer too; I just think that politically opening up FEHB might be an easier sell.

Another reason that employer-provided healthcare is so bad is that the benefits are not standardized. You really ought to look at the wacky world of ERISA. People who are covered by self-insured plans often don't realize how limited their legal protections are.


I dont belive this "The people who get hurt the most are the poor and working poor"

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