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December 29, 2005



This isn't as uncommon as most people think. Take a look at the DHHS OIG website (www.oig.hhs.gov) and look under their "Fraud Prevention and Detection" sectoin. There you will find tons of information on shady activity that has been investigated and the laundry list of health care entities that are under Corporate Integrity Agreements. Also noteworthy is the hefty amounts of money these foul-players dole out under OIG's Civil Monetary Penalty authority.
I think since many corporations have come under fire, transparency is the big ticket item--so more and more press coverage is inevitable.

Roy M. Poses MD

My experiences interviewing physicians, which lead to the formation of our email list, and then the Health Care Renewal blog (http://hcrenewal.blogspot.com/) suggest that it has been increasingly common since the 1980s. (There is little quantitative data on mismanagement or corruption in health care, but see the results of the ACPE survey, starting with the HCR link here: http://hcrenewal.blogspot.com/2005/04/major-acpe-survey-on-unethical.html) But now they may be more often reported. And Health Care Renewal has been trying to gather some of the most striking examples together.


Thanks, Roy. Keep up the great work!

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