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November 25, 2005


J Bean

For what it's worth, whether the government provides the insurance or a private company provides the insurance, there is still an incentive to over consume -- or at least no disincentive to avoid over consumption. While you are right that a provider has to order a given test or treatment; a provider who doesn't order what the client requests is going to wind up without many patients. People fear the unknown and want tests whether or not the tests are likely to reveal a problem. Similarly, it's really common for people to want to actively treat a self limited condition not to alleviate symptoms, but in order to make the problem go away -- to the great benefit of chiropractors and homeopaths.

One time I even had a woman tell me, "I'm the consumer, you have to prescribe what I want", when she requested her favorite drug of abuse (which she needed to tranquilize herself since her son had a drug abuse problem....)


I have some choice words for I Bean. Not fit to print. But choice.

A while ago, I called Social Security to get advice with prescription plans. Intake Person collected the list and financial info, ran it through the machine.

Intake Person: "The best plan would be this..."

Me: "Wow, that would leave me a whole $200 a month for food, shelter, etc."

IP: "Yep."

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