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November 16, 2005



Warren Olney's To the Point did a good job on this too - the reason for all the confusion is the same reason our health care system in toto is a mess - too much bureacracy and greed. Private insurors now devote as much as 40% of the premium dollar to overhead. For the 'D' benefits, they inserted two provisions (hell - they wrote the whole bill!) - one that Medicare not be able to negotiate prices, another that the program be turned over the a myriad of insurors, each of whom will try to game the system. It is our health care system in microcosm - Medicare D simply extended what we already have in the private sector into the public sector.


First off, this is the first time I've heard that a plan only covers certain pharmacies. If thats fo' real, I'm both amazed and apalled.

Secondly, there is simply no way Democrats shouldn't be benefitting from this politically. The only people who think this is a good program are brainwashed Republican hacks. Not one elder person I've talked to is really gung ho about this. And that includes a majority swath of my grandmother's friends in a Florida retirement community. Mmmmmm, Florida, you know you want to turn blue baby.

Hellmut Lotz

It also means that there may not be much competition. Goods are defined at a time and a place. If the plans do not offer the same drugs then they are not competitors. If the plans are not available at the same pharmacies then they are not really competing.

When Bush has to choose between markets and big business, he always picks big business. Thus he manages to privatize the profits, socialize the costs, and confuse the seniors.


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