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November 29, 2005


Steve Mudge

What if we separated the researcher from the drug manufacturer. The government buys the newly created drug from, say Pfizer, at a fair price. It then sends the drug out to bid for a manufacturer, like Teva. Pfizer has been paid for their research and Teva just has to manufacture the drug. It might take the "well, we have to charge so much because it costs so much to develop it" idea out of the equation. And yet it leaves incentive to develop cures. And there are lots of little biotechs out there that don't want to or can't afford to market their drugs who would benefit from this setup.


Where were you guts when Ozra Klein and Kevin Drum (among others) were thrashing around trying to figure out the best health care model ? The current overexpenditure in medicine lies in the ridiculous paperwork necessary to run medical billings. Pharma is nuts too but not the prime offender.

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