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November 17, 2005


Hellmut Lotz

I have got asthma and have gotten flu shots several times. So far, I have missed the flu every year I got the shot. The worst side effect I experienced was two and half tired days. Sure beats getting the flu.


Yeah, I got the flu once as a kid, and it was horrible. Every year that I've had the opportunity since I've gotten the flu shot, and, knock on wood, I haven't had the flu since.
And it's a big myth, that whole getting sick from the shot thing, which I hear -all the time-. It's an inactivated viral vaccine, no live virus! At least in the batches they give out here.
Usually those people who report "flu-like" symptoms right after the shot were probably a little sick with a cold when they got the shot anyway. You're supposed to go in with a fully competent, healthy immune system.


When i get them, I tend to stay flu-less.


Also, the new nasal ones are live virus, but quite safe.


p.s. Don't forget that you're not supposed to get certain versions of the shot if you're allergic to eggs! The vaccine, I believe, is incubated in eggs and may have lingering proteins.


Ezra is right; the nasal one is a live virus, but weakened. Immunocompromised folks, or those living with them, should not get the nasal one, only the dead injection one.

And most people that say "I have the flu"... don't. If you've ever had the flu, it's hard to forget. It's not just a bad head cold. You feel like you've been hit by a truck. You have no appetite, your whole body aches, you can't sleep, it's absolutely awful. I was out of work for 10 days the one year I missed the flu shot, so... uh, get it.


I'd have to agree with Graham. It was awful when I had it. Malaise, myalgia, high fever, and I passed out a couple of times, really not cool.
I gotta find out where the heck they're offering the nasal one... it's not on the market around here.


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