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Kate is an admitted NPR addict, a confirmed bookworm, and a connoisseur of fine pale ales. She has an inexplicable obsession with health policy that manifests itself in long blog posts (here at Healthy Policy) and columns (over at the Center for American Progress). Yes, she loves it that much.

For now, she resides in her home state of Kansas, where she splits her time between Chiefs games and a self-constructed health policy education. She will be awarding herself an honorary degree shortly (yes, she has real ones too) and moving to DC to ply her wonky goods. In December she had an osteotomy of the femur, so she's getting a dose of patient education too.

She's also worked at the National Women’s Health Network in Washington, D.C. and the Venice Family Clinic, the largest free clinic in the nation, in Los Angeles. She's looking for another health policy job in the district, so potential employers should e-mail (pretty please!).

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