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February 09, 2006


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Trapier K. Michael

Re: "Because many employees work part-time to supplement income, devoting a big chunk of that income to health insurance can defeat the purpose of that second job."

If you assume that these are uninsured people in need of insurance, then trading work for coverage makes the second job very purposeful.
Re: "Further, many part-time employees are covered by their spouse's insurance and don't need supplementary coverage."

Well, then the people are not without insurance and we're having an irrelvant discussion about how to reach the uninsured.
Re: "There's a couple things happening here. Employees prefer comprehensive health plans over bundled services, so they might not deem the latter worth paying for."

That's not what the piece concluded. It notes that other "major medical plans" were offered on top of the bundled services plans, yet that still didn't excite poeople. The real problem may have been a lack of commitment behind the program on the part of the companies, as some "did little to market the plans beyond sending out a few mailings."
Trapier K. Michael

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