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January 30, 2006


marcus newberry

Yes, Graham is on to something but he is hardly the first. As you stated, medicine does a good job with acute care and there are ways to organize for more effective and efficient chronic care. But, what is missing is health promotion, healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. Primary prevention should not be treated as a medical problem. It is a cultural problem with large portions of individual responsibility and community commitment. There are communities working on this. Check out CardioVision 2020 in Olmsted County, MN and Healthy Greenville in Greenville County, SC. The two have an informal health challenge match.

Governor Huckabee of Arkansas is chairman of the National Governors Association. The topic for the NGA Forum in Washington DC later in February is Healthy America. Both Arkansas and SC have statewide initiatives. We will accomplish something much faster this way than changing medical curriculum. I know because I administered a medical school for 11 years.

With all that being said, I am extremely pleased to see you on this topic.

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