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November 20, 2005


Hellmut Lotz

This has become my favorite blog, Kate, because I always learn something.

What is driving rising costs that would necessitate cutting physician payment?


Can someone explain this to me?!?

I can't even figure out where to start to understand the administration's position on this!


Thanks Hellmut! What a nice compliment!

In terms of what's driving physician costs, that's the $64,000 question. For Medicare, a large part is surely the number of people who will retire in the next 15 years. We's got a lot of baby boomers here.

Then there's just rising health care costs in general, which are due in no particular order to: expensive new technology, higher rates of obesity and thus diabetes and heart disease, poor preventative care, overuse of health care, the uninsured, administrative overhead....it's a loooong list

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